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The best food and wine to try in Puglia and where to try them 

The best food and wine to try in Puglia and where to try them 

You’re on your way to Puglia in Italy and quite rightly, you want to know the best food and wine to try in Puglia and where to try them! With this region recently recommended by the Washington Post as the best region to visit due to it’s food, we decided to give our tips of the best food and wines to try in Puglia while visiting the area and some recommendations of where to try them!

Burrata cheese and Stracciatella cheese

Stracciatella is a cheese made up of small strips of high quality mozzarella made from buffalo or cow’s milk and fresh cream. Its texture is extremely creamy and it is often added to sandwiches or pasta.

As always, apulians – specifically from the Murgia area – wanted to take two perfect cheeses and make something even better, of which burrata cheese was born. Stracciatella is placed in the centre protected by an outer layer of mozzarella cheese. This cheese is simply divine and is definitely the best food to try in Puglia. As both cheeses are a delicacy, it is advised to eat promptly once made and doesn’t keep well, even while refrigerated.

Pasta Orecchiette

Translated as little ears, apulians clearly wanted pasta their way. The purpose of the shape is to capture the scrumptious sauces associated with pasta, creating a delightful equilibrium when eating. You’ll likely find images online of Apulian ladies in the city of Bari, in the street, making this pasta by hand and it’s quite the sight. Almost all restaurants in the Puglia region will list an orecchiette pasta dish on their menu, so there is no excuse not to try it. If that isn’t enough, why not try making it yourself with Antonella at her Fresh Pasta Making Class with Aperitivo, near Brindisi – what a dream!


Pasticiotti are traditionally an Italian custard filled flaky pastry and their origin is said to be from the Baroque city of Lecce of the region of Salento. They are usually eaten with breakfast or as a quick snack on the go and could be loosely compared to the pastéis de nata of Portugal. Their popularity has since soared and can be found in most parts of Puglia with fillings including pistachio cream and custard and cherry. If you’re looking for the best of the rest, we’d recommend returning to their origin in the city of Lecce and visit Caffé Alvino overlooking the Anfiteatro Romano di Lecce.

Tenute Rubino Wine

Tenuto Rubino wine tasting in Brindisi
With their vineyards surrounding Brindisi, Tenute Rubino offer intense, smooth and charming wines perfect to match with a warm summer evening. Their variety of wines are enough to keep you going all through your holiday in Puglia and our team at the Fab Stay can never get enough of those delightful flavours. The Tenute Rubino team offer a variety of tours and tasting sessions near the centre of Brindisi and we think it’s one of the best wines to try in Puglia. We highly recommend!

La Puccia Salentina

The puccia is a type of bread, typical from Puglia and commonly found in the southern area of Puglia, in Salento. They are always a round thin bread and when walking the streets in towns of Salento, you’ll likely stumble across a Pucceria or two to grab a quick lunch. You’ll be able to order a puccia with a variation of fillings of which they’ll warm before serving. This snack is messy and therefore you’ll need a surface to dive into your meal. Otranto, on the coast of the Ionic Sea is a great place to try these, with Pucceria’s found immersed in the old city.


Ueme Pizza Lecce Puglia
As locals, our team has visited many pizzarias in Puglia and they are always talking about them. On average, 1 million pizzas are eaten daily in Italy and Puglia’s preference leans towards nepolitan pizzas. When visiting a pizzeria or even a bar, you’re likely to be presented with a great pizza menu with a wide variety of options. Voted in the top 50 pizzarias in Italy, we’d recommend you make the effort and visit Lupolo & Farina in Latiano near Brindisi. Another option is in Lecce of Salento, where eating pizza is treated more like an experience. Uemé Taste Experience also takes a simple meal and turns it into a wonderful dining experience complete with cocktails, fine wines, and all bells and whistles!
best food and wine to try in puglia

Panino da mare (Fish burgers)

This is not just a tuna mayo or fish finger sandwich but so much more! This is a gorgeous taste explosion of fresh fish in a bread bun and definetly the best food to try in Puglia! From octopus to tuna or prawns complemented with Stracciatella or Mozzarella plus salad and fresh sauces. This will have you salivating for more and more. Found across many regions in Italy, these are more common in Puglia because of the abundant availability of fresh fish. Served with potato fries and a glass of local wine you won’t regret the experience. Our team recommend Mangiamedusa, located in the historical centre of Mesagne near Brindisi. Make sure you book a table in the summer months, though, as it’s a popular one with locals.

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