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Top reasons to visit Brindisi in South Italy

Top reasons to visit Brindisi in South Italy

If you feel passionate about stepping beyond the typical tourist hot spots then prepare to be surprised with Brindisi and what it can offer. As a city break in South Italy or as a short stopover between the Murgia and Salento regions in Puglia, we describe below the top reasons to visit and what to do in Brindisi during your holiday here.

1. Due to its central location, Brindisi is a great location to begin or end your vacation in South Italy. This city is brilliant to reach several beautiful well-known locations in Puglia with excellent connections to towns including Monopoli, Ostuni, Alberobello, Lecce and the Salento region either by car, train or bus; all within 1-2 hours distance. If that isn’t enough to quench your thirst, Brindisi’s port provides an additional opportunity to take a ferry to Albania or Greece and the famous islands!

2. The column and the Roman staircase are located in the centre of a small square by the waterfront and mark the end of the Appian Way; a stretch of road that connected the city to ancient Rome for almost 500 km. Whilst you admire this magnificent legacy left by the Roman Empire, remember that it is over 2000 years old!

3. Brindisi port, also known as “Gateway to the East” is the port city of northern Salento which boasts one of the most important natural ports in Italy – a deer-shaped inlet on which the city stands. From here you can admire the numerous fishing boats, cruise ships, the sailors’ monument and the spectacular landscape at sunset, relaxing at one of the many characteristic bars on the seafront. For only €1.20 you can hop on the motorboat shuttle that goes around the port and will give you a completely new perspective of the place!

The Monument to the Italian Sailor is a rudder-shaped monument 53 metres high and is dedicated to those who died at sea during the First World War. The structure is in reinforced concrete, entirely covered in carparo, calcarenite stone of a golden colour. You can climb its stairs or take an elevator to the top for spectacular views and the eagerly awaited selfie!

5. Piazza Duomo is a spectacle that you should not miss during your holiday in Puglia. Visit it by day to explore the extensive archaeological museum and the beautiful 11th century Romanesque cathedral. The original church was destroyed in an earthquake so what you see today is a reconstruction dating from 1743 with some elements incorporated from the original building. We recommend that you return in the evening to see this building’s architectural beauty that is lit by a spectacle of lights that distinguishes this piazza surrounded by baroque beauty.

6. Brindisi Historical Centre. The streets of the historical centre of Brindisi are always a great way to fully immerse yourself in the culture of Brindisi, with some pleasant surprises such as the theatre suspended on the Roman ruins, the parked Vespas and the typical laundry hanging above narrow cobbled streets. All of this will be part of your dream away from day-to-day life.

7. Alfonsino Castle, also called Aragonese castle, red castle or sea castle is a medieval fortress built in the 15th century that can be reached by boat. It is located on a small island at the entrance to the harbour called the island of Sant’Andrea. Once there, you can explore every corner of the island, the castle and the Forte a Mare, whose construction took 46 years to complete. Go there at sunset and you will be rewarded with a wonderful view.

8. The church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro is a Romanesque church in the historic centre of Brindisi, closed to worship, but open to the public with guided tours. From an architectural point of view, the shape of the church refers to the widespread models of circular or octagonal-shaped churches in medieval Italy. This small temple full of frescoes and history is not to be missed.

9. All the typical food and wine of Brindisi and its province. The Apulian tradition ranges from fish to meat, from cheeses to vegetables and moreover this is also an area famous for wines such as Negroamaro, Susumaniello and Primitivo. We recommend a wine tasting experience at the port of Brindisi with a tasting tour at Numero Primo. You will certainly not be disappointed.

10. In the Brindisi area there are wonderful beaches and coves that are much less crowded than those of the more famous Salento but of equal beauty. The wild charm of the waters of this coastal area are guaranteed to please and just another reason to visit the beaches and sea near Brindisi. There are also a series of natural protected oases embellishing this coast that are full of gems to explore. The most precious reserve of Torre Guaceto consists of 8km of coastline and 1200 hectares of land made up of lagoons, dunes, woods, sandy beaches, cliffs and coves. A true paradise! Remember to take sun cream!

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